Will Harrop-Griffiths

Will Harrop-Griffiths is a Consultant Anaesthetist at St Mary's Hospital, a constituent hospital of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London. He is a regional anaesthetist to the core, focussing on brachial plexus blocks above the clavicle, using ultrasound while being ever-so-slightly sceptical about the quality of evidence for its use in the published literature, bragging about his block success rates and preferring punditry to hard graft in the laboratory.

His lectures have been described as a "victory of style over content". He takes this as a compliment. His clinical interests are orthopaedic, obstetric and vascular anaesthesia.

His non-clinical interests are riding horses and motorcycles. His passions are his family, English grammar and not falling off horses or motorcycles.

Undergraduate: Oxford University, University of London
Postgraduate: London and Seattle, USA

MB, BS 1981
FRCA 1985

Current post:
Consultant Anaesthetist, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London

Vice President, Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland (AAGBI) Editor, Anaesthesia (1997 2007)
Associate Editor, Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine (since 2006)
Elected Council Member, Regional Anaesthesia UK (RA-UK)
Chairman, Anaesthetics Subcommittee, Central Consultants and Specialists Committee, British Medical Association

Will Harrop-Griffiths