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EBPOM London 2020: virtual abstracts for the LIVE EBPOM London Meeting - submission deadline 31st May 2020

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Abstract Rules

EBPOM Abstract regulations

Abstracts should contain:

  • Title: Short and specific.
  • Introduction: Stating the hypothesis or objective of the study.
  • Methods: Measurements, Design and patients
  • Results: A summary with appropriate data.
  • Conclusion: A succinct summary
  • Reference(s): Author, Journal, Volume, Page, and Year
  • Any work is acceptable which has not been published in a Peer Reviewed Journal by the abstract submission deadline data
  • By submitting your work you agree to register for congress if your work is accepted for presentation, both poster and/or oral
  • Inclusion of up to 1 table and 1 figure is permitted.
  • Abstract length should not exceed 400 words.
  • Abstract should be submitted in 12pt Times Roman font.
  • Single line spacing.
By entering you consent to the abstract being published in conference proceedings